I am passionate about photography. For my first two solo exhibitions, I have looked at the world from a different perspective, using a technique I called "scale photography".

What I Do

My latest exhibition has been inspired by the natural beauty in and around Bondi Beach. Through photography, I was able to envision a different perspective in and around Bondi.


Who I Am

My photographs can be described as creative, crisp, and technically unique. My work have appeared in numerous publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and chinese magazine and TV network.


My Work

As designers we have the ability to see or envision beyond what the average eye can see, and share it with others. As the great artist Pablo Picasso most appropriately said: "Everything you can imagine is real".


Living in the East side of Sydney, I am regularly on the lookout to new photographic experiences. To get more information about bondiworldexpo, click the button below.